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Ninja Saga - Level 80 Team VS Soul General Mutoh Boss Level 60 or 80? Glitch? soul saga

26 декабря 2012 318 03:32
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Here is our team. We could make a few changes to be better suited for Boss killing. For example Mr.Arrmageddon has attack jutsu on which should be removed because high damage jutsu is useless VS world bosses. This is probably going to be one of the first level 80 party uploads for Ninja Saga. Due to weird glitch it seems the world boss is also level 80 too, not sure why that is. But other bosses more so event bosses have level scaling so it's probably just forgotten code and thus an error. I don't know if it's stats are also increased due to this glitch or not. But he does seem to have the same HP as the level 60 version. This team is not fully configured for world boss killing. But it's a powerful team none the less!An no, we did not hack our Ninjas! I don't even know how to hack in Ninja Saga? And don't want to learn. Ninja Team-Viperwasp - LVL 80 - Tensia Special Jonin (Emblem)Elements-(Pure Wind with Water+Thunder)Talents-(Eye of Mirror,Shadow Silhouette)Sensor divisionBack Item (+3 Dodge,+3 Critical Chance )Pet Kyubi!Mr.Arrmageddon - LVL 80 - Tensia Special Jonin (Emblem)Elements-(99% Pure Fire, with Wind+Water)Talents-(Eye of Mirror,Shadow Silhouette)Sensor divisionBack Item (+5 Accuracy)Pet Kyubi!Matsumoto - LVL 80 - Tensia Special Jonin (Emblem)Elements-(Pure Wind with Water + (3rd not chosen yet.))Talents-(8ex,Shadow Silhouette)Sensor divisionBack Item (100HP, and 100CP per turn. )Pet Kyubi!

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